Researched Argument

Composition, due April 30

Unlike the “automatic gainsaying” in this classic Monty Python video, we’ve spent the semester talking about argument as an intellectual process. In good arguments, participants consider other perspectives with the intent to learn and inform as well as to persuade. They aim at both truth seeking, a diligent, open-minded, and responsible search for the best course of action, and persuasion, the ability to make a claim convincingly to move the audience to one’s point of view. Composing an argument gives you an opportunity to learn more about all sides of the issue you are discussing.

Your final composition requires you to take a position on an issue of your choice and create a multimodal argument for your position, using research to support your claims and develop your ethos. You will host your argument on your website. This composition should reflect what you’ve learned in this course regarding visual and verbal rhetoric. It should showcase your mastery of the knowledge and skills you’ve been building all semester—critical thinking, reading and writing, and blending together multiple modes of communication.

The challenge of this assignment is two-fold: first, you must compose a convincing argument; and second, you must use multiple modes to do it. Keep in mind that a successful multimodal composition does more than add pictures to a page on which there is text. Like the comics we’ve looked at all semester, the words and visuals should blend seamlessly and help each other out. This is the same skill you used for your comics script. Additionally, your webtext should make use of the medium. In other words, I shouldn’t be able to copy your composition into a Word document and print it out like a standard paper. Also, bear in mind that copyright issues matter, so be careful about where you get your images and other media.

The basic requirements for this assignment are that you create a multimodal argument hosted on your webiste. Your research will include a minimum of 4 sources, including at least 1 scholarly source. Specifics regarding what modes you use are up to you. “Length” will vary depending on the nature of your composition, but your argument should be well-developed. Finally, you will finish off with a short reflection in which you think about your process and the rhetorical choices you made.

Learning Objectives

This assignment you to use strong critical thinking skills and rhetorical knowledge to develop an argument and create an effective website. You will go through a process of planning, creating, and revising to create the argument. You will identify genre conventions make choices about how best to persuade and communicate with your audience. You will gain experience composing, sharing, and presenting your work using digital tools and media. You will utilize critical thinking skills as you make choices about what other modes you will use to develop your argument. You will synthesize the knowledge and skills you’ve built throughout the semester. You will also develop research skills and incorporating others’ ideas in your own work.

[Here is a PDF version of this assignment sheet with grading information: Researched Argument Assignment]

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