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One of the most effective ways for you to learn course material (or anything really) is to connect concepts and skills with your life outside of the classroom. To help facilitate that, you’ll be writing a minimum of three blog posts throughout the semester that connect our class to the great big world.

Here are some ideas that might help you get started:

  • You could talk about the rhetoric of your Facebook page or Twitter, or other social media.
  • If you attend any lectures on campus during the semester, you could write a post about what modes of communication the speaker used to advance an argument.
  • Maybe you learn something in one of your other classes that corresponds with something you’re learning in this class. You could write about that.
  • Since you’re all savvy consumers of digital media anyway, you could link to and write about some good examples of multimodal texts (like infographics, etc).
  • Or maybe you come across an article of some kind that seems relevant to our class and write about it.
  • Maybe you’ll be like me and a tv show, commercial, news segment, etc., will make you think about rhetoric and you can write about that.
  • You could do a little Google research and write about how digital media can affect your job prospects.

Hopefully you get the idea. You job is pretty simple: Use those amazing brains of yours and your critical thinking skills and start looking for ways to connect what you’re learning in class to the world you encounter on a daily basis. This will help you not only to learn the course concepts better and more quickly, but it will also help you learn to think in new and complex ways. It will help you develop your critical thinking skills. (By the way, if you want to maximize your education, you should be doing this for all of your classes.)

So, here’s the logistics. You’ll complete your first connections post by Saturday, Feb. 14th (at the latest; you can post at any point). You’ll complete your second post by Saturday, March 21st, and your third by April 25th. Once each post is up, shoot me an email with a link so I know to grade it.

But wait, there’s more! I think this is such and important skill that I’m willing to give you extra credit for extra posts. You can complete a connections post once a week throughout the semester, and each post that demonstrates quality thinking and effort will gain you an extra point. You don’t have to post every week to get credit, but I won’t grade more than one each week.

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