Civil War Analysis

In Marvel’s CapShield05Civil War event, the superhero community divides over a law that requires all superpowered people to register and effectively become government employees. The two sides are irreconcilable on the issue, and engage frequently in violent conflict and, more importantly to our class, argument. In fact, argument is at least as important as action, if not more so, in this story arc.

For your second composition, you will track the arguments in Civil War, and then you will choose a side and analyze the visual and textual arguments made for that position. You may decide to examine the argument broadly, focusing on all arguments made for your selected side. Or, alternatively, you can focus more narrowly on the arguments made by one or two characters.

What is the central argument your side makes? In other words, can you identify a controlling idea that guides the ideas presented? What strategies are used to develop the argument? How does the argument appeal to the audience (ethos, pathos, logos)? Can you identify any problems in the logic (logical fallacies)? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the argument?

In the course of your analysis, you will consider both the words and images used to create the argument. Keep in mind that this assignment requires you to analyze the arguments presented in the comics, not to synthesize the arguments presented, and not to take a stand on the issue and make your own argument.

This composition will take the form of an an academic paper approximately 4 pages (around 1200 words) in length. Your audience for this paper will be your academic peers, and you will follow MLA formatting to demonstrate your understanding of academic writing conventions. It may be helpful to your argument to include images from the comics to support and enhance your argument.

[Here’s a link to a pdf version of this page: Civil War Analysis]

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