Civil War Part Six

Part Six

Iron Man #13 (Nov 15, 2006)

Stark narrates a PSA about registration. A senator offers him command of SHIELD, and when Stark refuses, the senator reminds him of his own tragic misdeeds and resulting deaths of civilians. Stark has a hard time dealing with his position in the Registration Act because of the politicians and the heroes who don’t understand that he’s trying to protect them. Spymaster attacks Happy to draw out Stark.

New Avengers #25 (Nov 15, 2006)

An employee comes into Stark Tower, shoots Jarvis, and shuts down Iron Man’s armor with a voice command and claims he won’t allow his designs to be used against Cap. He activates an antimatter generator, and plans to kill himself and Stark, but Maria Hill makes it just in time to kill the guy and save Stark, and later she tells Stark that he should be the director of SHIELD.

Punisher War Journal #1 (Nov 22, 2006)

Punisher tries to track down who’s giving upgrades to bad guys, and ends up finding the newly-defected Spider-Man under attack from a couple of baddies. After fighting off the attackers, he takes Spidey to Cap’s secret base.

Civil War: Frontline #8 (Nov 22, 2006)

In “Embedded,” Ben and a detective talk at the explosion site where the Green Goblin killed a bunch of Atlanteans and injured Wonder Man. The detective suspects that Stark, a weapons manufacturer, stands to gain the most from a war with Atlantis. Sally meets with a source, who turns out to be Cap in disguise. In “The Accused,” Hill interrogates She-Hulk to find out how Speedball what happened in the ambulance after Speedball was shot. Mr Fantastic explains that a latent mutation in Speedball seems to have been triggered. In “Sleeper Cell,” an Atlantean Ambassador arrives in New York and is shot by Norman Osborne during a speech.

Amazing Spider-Man #536 (Nov 22, 2006)

Spider-Man and Iron Man fight, and after Spidey gets away, he joins MJ and Aunt May in his old high school gym to decide what to do. He hijacks a news broadcast to share why he thinks Stark and registration is wrong.

Black Panther #22 (Nov 29, 2006)

Black Panther comes on a diplomatic mission to voice concerns about registration, but the US government tries to force Storm to register before they can meet with the President, so they walk out. The crowd gathered outside gets a little violent and Black Panther leaps the fence to save a little girl who gets separated from her dad. Storm creates a storm, and then Rhodey in sentinel armor comes in to arrest Storm. In the end with Black Panther saving Rhodey from the angry crowd, and then deciding to stay in the US to help with the anti-registration side.

Captain America #24 (Nov 29, 2006)

Cap infiltrates a HYDRA base and finds some information that isn’t disclosed. When he escapes, there is a unit of Capekillers already on site, but Agent 13 comes in and rescues him. They suspect Stark might be using HYDRA.

Civil War: War Crimes #1 (Dec. 20, 2006)

The Kingpin cuts a deal with Stark that is supposed to give him the location of Cap’s forces, but when Stark and his team arrive at the location, it’s a bunch of villains. Apparently it’s payback for Stark busting Kingpin some time back. In the final scene, Cap reads a note from Kingpin that says, “Pleasure doing business with you,” though it’s unclear how exactly they were connected.

Civil War: Front Line #9 (Dec 20, 2006)

In “Embedded,” Sally talks with Cap but isn’t impressed with his arguments. Ben and Spider-Man hack in and find out that Stark’s stock sky-rocketed just before the Act passed, and they suspect him of cashing in on the conflict. Reed believes there’s a traitor among them. Stark says he’s known all along who the traitor was. In “The Accused,” Speedball is taken back to prison and is immediately attacked by an inmate as part of an escape plan, but it appears that pain triggers Speedball’s new powers and he stops the escape and volunteers to register. In “Sleep Cell,” Osborne claims that he didn’t shoot the Atlantean ambassador, but he can’t say who is controlling him. It appears that Atlantis is preparing to attack.

Iron Man #14 (Dec 20, 2006)

Pepper begs Tony to stop Happy’s life support machines. Tony meets with Cap to find out if he had anything to do with what happened to Happy. Cap’s people show up to save him (unnecessarily). Finally alone, Sue Storm confronts him and asks him to stop the madness. In the end, Tony says the Paternoster and shuts down Happy’s machines.

Black Panther #23 (Dec 27, 2006)

Black Panther finds Cap and tries to tell him that he should win the war through public opinion. Cap seems to convince him that it’s not an option, and Black Panther offers Wakandan tech and support.

Punisher War Journal #2 (Jan 3, 2007)

Cap and the Punisher enact The Punisher’s plans to break into the Baxter Building and get the plans for the Negative Zone prison. The Punisher ends up killing two villains who are offering to help Cap in the end, and Cap attacks him.

Civil War #6 (Jan 3, 2007)

Iron Man’s side are cloning heroes and Olympians and preparing for the 50 States Initiative. The Punisher breaks into The Baxter Building and gets specs for the prison, and he and Cap fight after he shoots two villains in the secret base. Then Cap’s forces attempt to release prisoners from the Negative Zone. Iron Man knows their plans because Tigra is a mole, but Hulkling has replaced Hank Pym and given Cap’s team access to everything, including the prison. The issue ends with the two sides lined up for battle.

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