About this course

powPOW! ZAP! You just thought of Batman, didn’t you? It’s practically impossible to read those words without thinking of the combination of text and images the old Adam West show employed so effectively, which is precisely the kind of multi-modal composition this class will explore and create.

This class will engage critical thinking and reading skills through the discussion, analysis, and production of the ultimate in multi-modal texts — comics. We’ll read an array of comics, including superheroes, web comics, and comics journalism, to learn more about how these texts seamlessly integrate words, image, and design to create narrative and argument. You will develop composition skills through rhetorical analysis and the creation of your own comics, and will ultimately draw on those skills to compose a multi-modal argument hosted on your own website.

This course is designed to reflect the changing nature of composition, recognizing that writing is often only one mode among many used to form and communicate our ideas. This class will help you learn skills to compose effectively in multiple modes and in web-based media, which will serve you well no matter your future field.

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